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5 Tips to Follow When Disassembling Your Flatpack Furniture for a Move


There are plenty of jobs that need to be done when you're moving home, but you should really take the time to disassemble your flatpack furniture. This might just seem like an added chore, but taking those items apart can make transporting them easier and reduce the chance of them getting damaged.

Of course, you'll want to follow these five handy tips to ensure the process goes swimmingly.

1. Never Go It Alone  

If you're moving by yourself, call a friend to help you take the flatpack furniture apart — if you're moving with a partner, make sure you both get together for this task. It's often easy to take furniture apart, but damage can still occur. It will only be designed to be structurally strong when completely assembled, and it's quite easy for pieces to snap or fall apart during the disassembly process. Make sure you have someone else to take the weight and hold things together.

2. Put Your Screws in Separate Bags

It's going to suck if you arrive at your new home and realise you don't know where all the screws and fasteners are for your flatpack gear. To avoid this problem, buy a bunch of plastic sandwich bags that can be sealed at the top. Place screws and fasteners in bags according to their type and purpose as you go, then label each bag and put it in a secure location.

3. Check Online for Advice and Manuals

It's no secret that putting flatpack furniture together can be a bit confusing, and taking it apart can be even more baffling. Before you start, try checking online. If you've lost the manual, you should be able to find a PDF online, especially if you picked up the furniture from a more well-known supplier. You can also find advice from people who have taken the same piece apart themselves, and that advice can prove invaluable.

4. Add Protective Layers Between Panels

Flatpack furniture can move around as it is transported, so individual panels may rub against each other. You'd be surprised how easily scratches can develop, so make sure you add a protective layer between each panel. Towels and newspapers will work fine.

5. Start with Plenty of Time to Spare

Look, you might think that taking flatpack furniture apart will be a doddle, but you're probably wrong. This type of furniture is notorious for being tricky and time-consuming to put together, let alone take apart. With that in mind, make sure you take care of as much flatpack furniture as possible before the day you move. You don't want the removals van turning up only to find that you're still figuring out how to remove the legs from your coffee table.

Contact a furniture removals company for additional advice.


16 October 2017