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Hazardous Construction Materials: Should You Perform DIY Asbestos Removal?

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Asbestos was a popular construction material in the past because of beneficial properties such as high strength, resistance to fire and chemical stability. However, this fibrous mineral was discovered to cause dangerous health conditions when its particles were inhaled. Unfortunately, some homes still have the hazardous material. If you have an old house, the structure might have some asbestos. Ideally, you should engage an experienced asbestos service to handle its elimination. However, you can also choose to handle the work as a DIY project. If you are interested in the self-removal option, you should consider these crucial factors before making your decision.

Friable or Non-Friable Asbestos

Asbestos containing materials (ACM) can be categorised into two classes: friable and non-friable. The former refers to asbestos which can be reduced into its powder form using light pressure when dry. Non-friable ACM remains in a stable solid state because the asbestos is contained in a matrix made by incorporating a bonding agent such as cement. If you are interested in DIY asbestos removal, you can only legally handle non-friable ACM. This material will not release dangerous particles easily because of the bond. Also, the non-friable asbestos must not cover more than ten square metres. If the hazardous material in your home is friable or covers a larger area, you must engage a professional removalist.

Condition of the Material

You should assess the condition of the non-friable asbestos before starting on a removal project. Often, homeowners cause damage to their buildings and compromise the indoor air quality unnecessarily by attempting removal of the hazardous materials. In general, it is advisable to consider alternative methods for handling the problem because removal is time-consuming, complicated and expensive. If the ACM is in good condition, you should consider leaving it intact in the house. You can seal the area with the asbestos, paint the affected structure or cover with a non-asbestos construction material.

Knowledge and Gear

If you decide to remove the asbestos in your home instead of using other control methods, you should objectively think about your ability to handles the problem. In simple terms, review your knowledge. If you have no prior experience with this type of renovation work, you should consider getting training online or in the local area. Also, you should ensure that you have obtained the right gear for the project, including coveralls, protective shoes, respiratory protection and hand tools.

Asbestos containing materials are hazardous, regardless of their form. Ultimately, professional removal is the safest choice.


27 September 2017